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Bachelor Business Administration)
Bachelor Business Administration(Retail Management)
Bachelor in Computer Applications
Bachelor in Animation & Multimedia Technology
Bachelor in Airlines, Tourisms and Hospitality Mgt
Bachelor in Bio-Technology
Bachelor in Fashion Technology
Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technolog
Bachelor in Information Technology
Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor in Media Entertainment & Film Technology
Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology
Bachelor in Bachelors in e-commerce
Bachelors in Mass Communication
Bachelors in Food Technology
B.Com. Professional
Bachelor in Mobile Computing and Internet
Bachelor in Rural Development and Management
Bachelor in Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
Bachelor in Family Business Management
Bachelor in Health, Spa and Resort Management
B.Sc.(Computer Science)
B.Sc.(Fashion Design)
B.Sc.(Textile Design)
B.Sc.(Fashion Design Knits)
M.Com. (Professional)
Masters in Animation & Multimedia Technology
Masters in Airlines, Tourisms and Hospitality Mgt29 Masters in Bio-Technology
Masters in Fashion Technology
Masters in Information Technology
Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication
Masters in Medical Lab Technology
Masters in Pharma Chemistry
Masters in Service Industry Management
Masters in Public Health Programme
Master in Mass Communication and Media Management
Master in Education and Counseling Management
Master of Science (Hotel Management & Catering Technology)
Master of Science (Environmental Science)
M.Sc.(Garment Manufacturing Tech.)
M.Sc.(Fashion Mkt. Mgmt.)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
Post-Graduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs
Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Packing
Post-Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology
Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharm. Business Administration
Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharm. Marketing
Post-Graduate Diploma in Herbal Drugs
Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Post-Graduate Diploma in Packing and Distribution Management
Bridge Course-B.Sc.(Fashion Design Knits)
Bridge Course-B.Sc.(Fashion Design)
Bridge Course-B.Sc.(Textile Design)
Bridge Course-M.Sc.(Fashion Mkt. Mgmt.)
Bridge Course-M.Sc.(Garment Manufacturing Tech.)
B.Sc.( Business Economics)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)
M.Sc. (Applied Physics)61 M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)
MBA(Hospitality Management)
MBA(Retail Management)
MBA(Service Industry)
Pharma-D (Baccalaureate)
HMCT (4Year)
B-Tech (3D Animation Engineering)